Adventure Safari
Africa is an extremely photo-opportunistic continent. From panoramic scenery, wildlife and birds to people and vibrant ceremonies. Rich colour and good low lighting conditions abound.

One of the highlights of African safari is going on game drives and walking safaris, where you get the opportunity to see amazing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Game drives are undertaken in an open Safari vehicle with a guide who has extensive knowledge of the area, and is an expert on game movement.

Walking safaris are a fine way to experience the freedom of being in the heart of the wilderness and enjoy the essence of the African bush in close proximity to Africa’s magnificent wildlife.

Game viewing activities take place mostly in the early morning and late afternoon to maximise the chance of encountering animals when they are most active. The greatest opportunity to see a lion is usually just after sunrise. Other large animals like Buffalo, Giraffe, Wildebeest and Elephant are more visible an hour before sunset.

The greatest number of birds may be seen between October and March, when central African migrants are present. However, endemic species will be seen throughout the year.

Wildlife Safari
Wildlife Safari